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Founder, The Jourdan Blair Co.

Thanks for granting me the opportunity to introduce myself! My name is Jourdan. It's my pleasure to welcome you to my website. 

I desired a space where I could be myself, and be comfortable doing so, all while  sharing with you. Here, I'll be sharing my projects, my work, my ideas, and my experiences. I'm excited to be here and even more excited that you are here with me to join me as I continue to grow. 

I’m a writer, poet and published author. My book, Twenty-First Century War Stories is now available for purchase worldwide! It’s a daring, vulnerable creative writing compilation that explores a rather unusual perspective on warfare in modern times.

I’m a traveler. Travel has forded me so many opportunities to learn about myself, and just as well, about the beautiful world around me. The opportunities I had to be exposed to different cultural backgrounds on a daily basis trail blazed a pathway for my desire to connect with amazing people from around the world.

Being able to give back to under-served communities indeed is one way that God has used me to make a difference in the lives of some amazing people. I’m an ambassador to a non-profit organization based in Ghana. We provide under-privileged and impoverished youth opportunities to pathways of self-elevation through education and sport. It might seem like I’m the one giving to those in need but I’m the real beneficiary!

My spirit of adventure has got me into as much trouble as it has saved me from. Trouble is good for the soul. Just not too much of it! This life is meant to be explored and meant to be adventured. That being said, I’m currently working on my second book, spoken word events as well as working to become signed to modeling and talent agencies. No boxes, no margins. Just me, Jourdan.

I'm stoked to now have this space where I can share with you. I invite you to share with me as well. If you have questions, comments, concerns, prayer requests or just want to reach out, send me a message

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